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Q. What is a Direct Cremation, or a Simple Cremation?

A. When a deceased human body is disposed of through the process of using heat to
 dispose of soft tissue, leaving only the skeleton in a fragmented state, with all moisture removed.

Q. How do we receive the remains once the process is completed?

A. Cremations Only pulverizes the bones to an ash like state using a machine designed specifically for the task. The ashes are then placed in a heavy clear plastic bag inside of the temporary container. A Burial Transit Permit and a Cremation certificate is also provided within the container, identifying the Cremains.

Q. What is happening while we wait?

A. The deceased is removed from the place of death or holding facility and taken to our refrigerated facility and placed in a State approved cremation container and properly identified. We check for pacemakers and personal items. Pacemakers are removed prior to the cremation, however the leads are left in place.

During this time, we collect personal information for the Death Certificate and combine it with the medical part provided by the doctor. Then we present it to the Medical Examiner for review and Cremation Authorization. Then it just becomes a matter of scheduling.

Q. When do we get the Cremains and Death Certificates?

A. The options are picking the items up at our office or we can ship to you. Cremains have to be sent Priority Express USPS by the State of Florida Statute(s).

Q. What services do you offer?


1. Direct-Simple Cremation.

2. Shipping of Cremains.

3. Death Certificates.

4. Urns and Urn Vaults.

5. Scattering at sea.

Please note that all of the above definitions are solely stated for clarity by the author.

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Cremations Only is a privately owned and operated Direct Cremation Company that still believes in 24 hour-seven day a week service. We will meet with a family or client at anytime of the day or night. 


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